&E Biography highlights the Holbrooke in “My Ghost Story”"/>

A&E Biography highlights the Holbrooke in “My Ghost Story”

The A&E Biog­ra­phy Chan­nel will be broad­cast­ing their spe­cial “My Ghost Story” that high­lights the Hol­brooke Hotel in Grass Val­ley, CA.  At 10 p.m. Sat­ur­day, Aug. 7, on the Biog­ra­phy Channel’s fea­tured show, “My Ghost Story,” will air.

Todays arti­cle in The Union tells all about it.“Many rooms in the his­toric Hol­brooke Hotel in Grass Val­ley have their eerie his­to­ries, char­ac­ters and tales.

Sleep in the Black Bart Room, used by the high­way­man who robbed the stage­coaches of the rich. Fall asleep to the sounds of lit­tle ghost chil­dren jump­ing on old mat­tress springs.” Go to full arti­cle here

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2 Comments → “A&E Biography highlights the Holbrooke in “My Ghost Story””

  1. dj
    4 years ago

    Where can i watch this whole episode? I’ve been want­ing to see it sooooo bad! i’ve actu­ally been to the hol­brooke hotel! please help?


  2. Marc Z
    2 years ago

    Wow, what great his­tory at the Hol­brooke. This would be a very unique option for guests that are fans of the super­nat­ural; it would be very excit­ing to stay in the Black Bart Room and wit­ness the eerie sounds of lit­tle ghost children…so cool.


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