Bufffet Style Dining

Buf­fet Style Dinning

20 buf­fet din­ing guest min­i­mum required

Price per per­son upon based upon choices. All buffets

Come with bread, but­ter, salad, sauteed veg­etable and a choice of

roasted pota­toes or rice pilaf.

$20.00 per guest menu

Ital­ian Sausage Lasagna – Pasta lay­ered with Fresh made Pesto, Ricotta and Asi­ago Cheese


Medal­lions of Salmon 7oz with a Lemon Capers Dill Cream Sauce

Egg­plant Parme­san – Egg­plant, Moz­zarella with Asi­ago Marinara

Penne Pasta with a Roasted Bell Pep­per and Onion Red Sauce with Anduiolli Sausage

Spinach Ravi­oli with Put­tanesca Sauce

Fresh Spinach, Roasted Gar­lic, Roma Tomato, Kala­mata Olive

In a Chardon­nay Cream Sauce

$22.00 per guest menu

Arti­choke Chicken 6oz– Fresh Grilled Breast of Chicken Topped with Arti­chokes, Sun Dried Toma­toes, Basil, and Capers Tossed with an Arti­choke Asi­ago Cream Sauce

 Cajun Rubbed Tri Tip 6oz  with a Creamed Horse­rad­ish Sour Cream

Pork Medal­lions 6oz with a Roasted Gar­lic Sauce

Sautee Salmon 6oz – Panko Crusted Salmon Served with a                                                              Roasted Gar­lic Thyme Cream Sauce

24.00 per guest menu


Herb crusted Ten­der­loin of Beef 6oz  with a Honey Thyme Brandy Sauce

Beef Welling­ton 6oz – Filet Mignon, Mush­room Dux­ell Wrapped in Puff Pas­try                     Served with a Thyme Brandy Sauce

Buf­fet menu based on one serv­ing per person

Menu choices allowed

20–40 guests 2 entrée choices

40–80 guests 3 entrée choices

80 + 4 entrée choices

Serv­ings divided equally unless oth­er­wise requested

Cus­tom menu avail­able upon request