Double Queen at the Holbrooke Bedroom at the Holbrooke Hotel Holbrooke Hotel King Suite Bedroom at The Purcell House Holbrooke Hotel King Room YOUR KEY TO RUSTIC-YET-REFINED COMFORT ROOMS.


Much like our guests, each newly-renovated room at the Holbrooke has its own character and inimitable charm…no two are alike. Our attention to individual comforts and aesthetic detail within these storied walls guarantee your time spent with us will be as memorable as the building itself.

King Suite Bedroom
King Suite
Holbrooke Hotel King Room
King Room
Holbrooke Hotel Queen Room
Queen Room
Double Room
Double Queen
Purcell House King Room
Purcell King
Purcell House King Room
Purcell Queen
Purcell House Queen/Double Bed Detail
Purcell Double Full